Thursday, August 16, 2012

I'm no longer the same! :)

"I'm no longer the same, (I'm no longer)
I'm no longer the same, (I'm no longer)
He has changed my life,
and has given me a new name,
I'm no longer the same!"
    ~ sung by the St. David's school kids

Back home safely, yes, but not back to life as it was. Our time spent living simply in the Word and with so many wonderful, humble Christians in East Africa left me feeling very blessed. Daily "necessities" are sometimes not necessary anymore, or at least not taken for granted. I somewhat expected to more greatly appreciate clean water and certain foods, but one thing I didn't expect was new-found appreciation for education. Many very bright grade school children are not able to continue on to even high school, due to lack of money. I almost feel selfish being in my 3rd year of college already when most of the teachers have only done 2 years, if any. So I will certainly put forward my absolute best effort in all my classes to come, with the same attitude that the Etago kids had - that education and gaining knowledge is a great privilege. But essentially, God is enough for anyone.

I hope to go back to Etago someday (sooner rather than later! ;) ), with new, more obscure Bible story lesson plans (they already knew very well all the stories we taught), crafts, dozens of fun songs with actions, and all their names memorized, with the hope that I just might be able to teach them more than they could teach me. But I somehow wouldn't be surprised if that was reversed yet again. ;)

Please pray for blessings to all our fellow Christians in East Africa, and visit them as well if you can! They treat their visitors very well :)

To God be thanks and glory,

~ Gretchen

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Heading to the Airport

We head to the Istanbul airport in about 15 minutes. A 12 hour flight will take us home to Chicago. Prayers for a safe flight are much appreciated.

In Christ,
Pastor O.