Friday, July 20, 2012

Bloggy Bloggerton

Some of the highlights so far...

A couple of young girls from the same family had been faithfully attending our Sunday School and church services since the very founding of Holy Cross Lutheran Emmaus.  Their quiet and humble testimony has had an impact at home.  Just recently they have recruited their mother to attend church as well and give her permission for them to be baptized.  The whole family will be present to celebrate this gift of God in church this Sunday.

Conducting children's evangelism at schools in the area and getting to see some of our children from church in the school setting...and the reaction of their classmates when it's discovered that they actually know people from the U.S.

The beginning of a new dynasty.  Discovering that the parents of Baby Michael Norman Gurath have not retained any of his other family names.  I'm not sure how that will work itself out down the line, but I'm curious to see.

My former motor bike taxi man has retired his motorcycle and opened up a small restaurant.  All the business I was giving him must have provided him with the starting capital he needed.  I can now run for office, claiming that I have created jobs.

Our driver, Mwangi, is a jack of all trades.  When not behind the wheel, he smashes rocks, organizes a game of pickup football, keeps kids in line and paying attention, and rubs elbows with the passersby.

A meeting with the representative from Love Mercy water drilling division.  We have more information, and even a few solid figures as to what a borehole on the school and church property would cost. He is in the process of drawing up a few different quotations for us depending on the depth and type of materials used.

Today is set aside for a meeting with our church eldership and seminary students, we will discuss the possibilities of opening up new CLC branches in areas surrounding Milimani.

The time is going fast, blessings to the rest of the teams, and see you in Nairobi.

Pastor Gurath

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