Saturday, July 14, 2012


Today we arrived in Moshi, a city near the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro. I'm sure we would have been awestruck by the view, but we had to use our imagination because the mountain was lost somewhere in the clouds. We had our first real taste of public transportation  in a very roomy, comfortable (sarcasm) vehicle that would compare to a shoddy minivan. Nonetheless, it carried us safely to Himo in the afternoon where the Lord spoke through us to 23 preschoolers.  They were a little sleepy since they had been waiting for us since the morning but they warmed up to us. We ate and visited with some of the Pastors and elders of the church. The hospitality shown to us by our brothers and sisters here is incredible. I don't think any of us could count the number of times we have said "Asante sana" (thank you very much).  We continue to thank the Lord for the opportunities we have had and those that lie ahead. For your prayers, we say, "Asante sana." 

Bwana Asifiwe

Lucas............with some help from A.

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