Saturday, July 14, 2012

Greetings from Kenya Team 2!

Friday, July 13, 2012

As was posted on the blog earlier, we all made it safe to Nairobi. We stayed at a nice guest house and consistently awoke to the startling Muslim call to prayer coming from next door. Our first trip to a store resulted in the first marriage proposal of the trip, directed toward all us mission helper girls. If this man named Charles had his way, one of the mission helper girls would currently be swimming with him at the beach in Mombasa, then getting married, and moving to Utah. No worries, no one accepted this tempting offer. After many tearful goodbyes to our fellow mission helpers of other teams (hope you're all are doing well!), we left Nairobi by bus on Wednesday, bound for Kisii, Kenya. At our one bathroom stop along the way, I received my second marriage proposal, and one of the team members ran in front of a bus just like a local! TIA – This is Africa! J After arriving in Kisii, a number of very eager, strong Kenyan guys promptly unloaded our luggage (12 suitcases – one of which weighed around 90 pounds) and into the taxi, where 4 of the 5 of us squished into the back seat…well, maybe not all of us were quite on the seat. After a night at the Jazz hotel, we had a very similar taxi ride to Etago, where we currently are. This will be our home base for the trip. Children greeted us in song and shortly afterward, the teachers were pulling up chairs and sitting with us as we got to know one another. The teachers here are all around our ages, from 18-26, and after the two days we've been here, we already feel like good friends. Singing is a huge part of the school day, and both us mission helpers and the kids enjoy hearing and learning songs from one another. We taught our lessons for the first time today, and they were well-received. Please continue to pray for our safety and guidance, and may God continue to bless our work here in the beautiful Etago! J

~ Gretchen

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