Sunday, July 15, 2012

"Jor-dahn like the river flowing with blessings from the Lord" and "Tom-Tom and his American height"

Hello Wazungus!

Once upon a time, there were two white boys, far from home in an unknown land. Their mission: Preach the Gospel! They came with boldness and confidence knowing that the Holy Spirit was with them and their whole group. With pep talks and imaginations stirring, they readied themselves for the experiences to come, but nothing prepared them for the childlike faith and eagerness to learn they saw in the young children they met.

Today marked the first church service the team was present for in Milimani. Church was to start precisely at 9:30, so in typical African style our van arrived at around 10:20. We walked into a sanctuary resounding with Swahili hymns, and were blessed to hear a sermon by Pastor Gurath on the feeding of the 5,000 and I, Tom Naumann, gave the Children's sermon on Noah and the Flood. It was awesome to see the little dirt church filled with over 100 souls. After the service, we taught our Sunday school lessons to the 60+ children. It is truly amazing to worship in fellowship with all of our brothers and sisters here in Milimani.

Tomorrow morning we head back to the school to begin our daily teachings. Asante Sana for your prayers! Bwana Asifiwe! Mungu ni Nzuri.

Tom Tom and the River Jordan


  1. Kuhubiri Injili wavulana,!

    Love Dad

  2. 60+ children? Wow! I've never taught a class that big. The Lord's blessings on your mission trip!